Looking Forward

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Looking Forward
by VISTA Courses - Friday, March 3, 2017, 1:50 PM

In our second meet-up, we talked about challenges you and your fellow VISTAs might face, and how to meet those challenges. Drawing on that discussion, take an opportunity to focus on how you will sustain your enthusiasm and effort, even when the work is hard and the impact may be slow to arrive. It’s important to strategize now and check-in with yourself throughout your year of service, to keep focused on all the positive things you can do.

Write a letter describing what first made you apply to become a VISTA, and what you’ve found most inspirational during your first weeks on site. Also describe what you think some of the biggest challenges will be. End the letter by brainstorming some strategies for staying focused on the positive good you can achieve, even as you are realistic about how the structural causes and effects of poverty will remain factors affecting the community you serve. Email the letter to yourself, and put a reminder on your personal calendar to re-read it once during every month of your service. Then post the letter by replying to this forum post.

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Read the letters posted by the two VISTAs who commented on your minute intro (and any other VISTAs you’d like). Post a response to their letters, noting whether you share the same sources of inspiration, the same kind of challenges, and whether you can learn from each other’s strategies for staying focused on the positive good. How can you support each other in the year ahead? Because the forum will remain available online even after PSO Blend officially ends, you can choose to read and respond any time in the months ahead—but by responding now, you can begin to build your network of support for your year of service.