Thirteen Lessons About Poverty - Assignment 2

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Thirteen Lessons About Poverty - Assignment 2
by VISTA Courses - Monday, January 23, 2017, 4:05 PM

Watch the second section of the video, from 4:27 up to 9:24. Lessons 3-7 cover some of the specific factors that determine how likely someone is to experience poverty, what impact those factors might have on their experience, and what sort of supports different people in poverty need. After watching this segment, consider how the following topics covered in these lessons relate to your project:  

  • Age at which someone first experiences poverty
  • Geography
  • Disparities across racial and ethnic groups
  • Need for childcare
  • Disability

Reply to this post below, identifying which of these factors are relevant to your project, and in what ways. In your post, describe what resources you think you would need to know about to address these topics in the community where you serve, based on the information in the video and what you learned in your community profile.

Prior to the Week 3 meet-Up, read and reply to the posts by the two VISTAs who commented on your minute intro. In your comments on their posts, brainstorm ways to find the needed resources in the communities where you are each serving.